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Amazingly Traditional...

...for a family made up primarily of adopted strangers.

There's nothing like a holiday to make you remember the mistakes you've made and the stupid crap that happened once upon a nightmare.

Phobos was talking about how he'd never really talked to his grandparents and didn't realize how much they could have shared with him until after their passing.  Then he asked me if I had any...not regrets, exactly, but more like lessons learned to share with the group.

So I was honest.  I said that I wished my ex-husband could know that the ax is thoroughly buried and has been for years, and that I wish him well.  And it's true.  I'm not the least bit bitter--believe me, I've seen how bitterness can poison a person.  There's also nothing to be bitter about.  Done is done, and life has been good to me.

But, well, that ain't gonna happen.  That's fine, too.  I'm just glad I don't have the weight of the past to drag me into melancholy.

Kudos to Purina for getting the National Dog Show on the air yet again!  While none of the competitors looked remotely like Max (as they're all purebreeds and Max is a one-of-a), I still get a huge kick out of seeing all the different breeds.  More importantly, for two hours on Thanksgiving NBC is raising awareness of doggiehood and what an important part of our own beings dogs have been and continue to be.

Dogs rule.
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