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Here We Are Again...What A Load Of Crap


Year of the Vampire Princess!

I resolve to make no resolutions of a resolving nature because I refuse to believe I am resolved to anything. 
To make a resolution is almost like taking a stab at being perfect. Perfection and humanity do not go well together, and I far prefer the imperfections of being human.  In that sense, I suppose I resolve to be human, because in doing so I am already acknowledging an awareness that perfection is not for this existence but good and jolly humanity is.

I don't resolve to be nicer.  I'm nice enough as it is.  Maybe I should be meaner.  Nah.  This is working for me.

I don't resolve to lose weight or get in shape.  I'm already in shape, and I know that weight loss can be caused by illness or parasitic infections.  So if you're thinking about losing weight, you might want to be specific about how it happens.

I don't resolve to be more organized, because the system I'm already using works for me.

I'm not resolving to keep my mouth shut or to keep my opinions to myself.  What good is any of that?

I'm thinking of dying my hair dark purple, but I'm not resolved to it.

I do resolve not to act on the matter of the two people of my heart, because either choice alienates the other.

I do resolve to continue to be politically active, although at this point I am not absolutely certain what form that will take.

I do resolve to continue working my physical/vocal presence to my best advantage.  I spent too many years shy and hiding for no real reason.

I resolve myself to a bilingual life and to bilingual work.

And...know what?  Hell, I'm a damn lucky person.  Okay, maybe I work hard too, but I do count my blessings every day.  I know real happiness, and that's what I wish for everyone in the coming year and those to come!  Ananke!
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