Emilie Conroy (mayahuel) wrote,
Emilie Conroy

12 Years to a New Universe

I thought it would be neat to take the very first entry from this journal and do a little updating.  And so...

I was convinced to start keeping a live journal by an online chat friend who believes it is cathartic.

True enough.  At least when it actually occurs to me to post.  I have no idea whatever about what has happened to said chat friend, but I wish her well.

About myself, well, I prefer not to go into too much detail.

Nah.  Things are too interesting and too much fun not to entertain folks with details.

I'm a thirty year old woman living with my husband in Saint Cloud, Florida.

This is probably the least accurate of this whole entry.  At the moment I'm 42 and loving life with the benefit of hindsight.  Said husband is distant in the rear view mirror.  And Saint Cloud seems like it was a strange dream after being in Philadelphia for all these years.

My profession is my production company, Electric Apocalypse, which is primarily involved in media and publishing.

This is still the case, and it has expanded.  In fact this year we're forming a new e-publishing company.  Good stuff.

I suppose my major hobby would be my eight pet chinchillas.

I traded up to dogs.  My buddy Max is my best companion, and I'm involved in all kinds of anti-dog abuse initiatives, including rehabilitating pit bulls (sweeties).

In general, I am a content person and very happy with my life--which is a remarkable thing as I have an ongoing battle with bipolar disorder (manic depression).

Well, we've dropped calling it "manic depression", and now that I have proper care, I'm flourishing (when I'm not hiding from the world).
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