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Not Flying, Not Whining, Just Grinning

Whoa, what's this?  I seem to be making an entry.

Well, see, I finally get that a journal can be a random blast of thoughts and gripes instead of just carefully thought-out essays.  And hell, I've got thoughts to go around.  This is as good a platform as any.

NaNoWriMo:  Okay, it's November 20.  I'm up to 46,000 words out of the goal of 50,000 on Blood and UnicornsThe problem is that my novel is on Word and not up online at the site.  While the contest was my motivation to write the novel, I have not had much luck actually interfacing with...well, the site.  I either cannot connect to it at all, or when I do connect it takes so long that it saps the creativity right out of me.  So I started just writing with Word and things have gone much better.  If this one does actually see the light of day, I'll be sure to credit NaNoWriMo for the kick in the butt to get started!  And that's quite good.

The Dead Zone: I've submitted a proposal and have began doing research for a book on pre-need funeral arrangements.  Honestly, I can't stress the importance of people approaching last rites as a consumer.  The Funeral Consumers Alliance (http://www.funerals.org/) is ahead of the game on this one.

Professionally Scary: I'm not a joiner, but I did just enroll in the International Order of Horror Professionals.

Duping America 1: Okay, I understand portion control.  Good idea.  What I can't stand is this idea of rip-off 100 calorie snack packs.  First of all, the Ubercompanies are able to sell less for more money, thus jerking around the consumer.   But more than that, I am assuming that the people who buy these things are perfectly aware of where they stash them.  One 100 calorie pack is great...but what's to stop someone on a rampant chocolate binge from eating three or four? Believe me...these things happen...heh heh heh.

Max: He's doing fine, and I know I made the right choice not to get him that knee surgery (at least not yet).

Anesthetic Awareness:  Eeek!  Have you seen the trailers for the movie "Awake"?  This has always been a latent fear of mine but now I'm actually researching it in order to quell that fear.  Crazy?  Why not?  I've gone under a few times at this point.  So far I have learned that while there are thousands of cases every year in the US, I apparently am not at a high risk.

Nechromosphere: It's all ready to be launched.  I just have to get it together and online.

Okay, ca suffit.  I need to go do some exploring.
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